Viviane releases a new CD titled "Viviane sings Piaf"

On November 24th, Viviane will release a new CD titled "Viviane sings Piaf". This is a tribute to the French singer Edith Piaf.

Posted on 07-11-2017

Viviane sings "Rosie" on the "Fausto Food" album by the Couple Coffee.

Viviane is one of the guests on the recently released "Fausto Food" album, which revisits Fausto Bordalo Dias songs.
Viviane interprets together with Luanda Cozetti the theme "Rosie".

Posted on 27-07-2017

Viviane at EXIB in Évora

Viviane will be present at EXIB Music 2017 dedicated to promote ibero-american music.
She will perform in a showcase that will take place on 8th June in Praça do Giraldo in Évora at 8.00 pm

Posted on 18-05-2017

Viviane in the Tv cooking programme "A minha mae cozinha melhor que a tua"

On next Saturday 28th, Viviane will be participating on the Tv cooking programme "A minha mae cozinha melhor que tua" in RTP channel.

Posted on 25-01-2017

Posted on 25-01-2017

Viviane with the PSP Band in Portimão

Viviane will be the guest of the PSP Band to celebrate the anniversary of the PSP from Faro which will take place at the Teatro Tempo in Portimão on 11 November.

Posted on 11-11-2016

Viviane is the guest of the Gala Cap Magellan Association 2016 in Paris

Viviane is the guest on the evening Gala / Duets organized by Cap Magellan Association and will take place on October 8 in Paris at the Hotel de Ville .

Posted on 19-09-2016

The vinyl edition of Confidências is already arived at FNAC stores.

This special edition in vinyl format has a cover entirely made of cork skin.

Posted on 02-07-2016

Viviane in concert at "Estudio 24" in TVI channel

Viviane will be in concert at TVI 24 channel on the next Sunday 26 june. For participating you just have to subscribe the link

Posted on 26-06-2016

Viviane is for the fist time the Artista Figuras 2016 and will present on the stage of the Theater of Figuras in Faro 3 different concerts during this year. Viviane will be revisiting different moments of her career. The 1st one will be on March 26th "Entre Amigos", 2nd one on June 4th "Confidências" and the last one on November 5th "Viviane sings Edith Piaf"

Posted on 25-01-2016

Viviane has a new video

Viviane has a new video from her last single untitled "Fado do Beijo". Produced by Aurélio Vasques with the participation of several persons that contribuite thourough a casting.

Posted on 19-11-2015

Posted on 04-11-2015

Viviane celebrates 1o years solo career.

This year VIVIANE is celebrating 10 years of solo career.
To celebrate the date she is going to make two concerts in Auditório Municipal of Olhão on 5th and 6th June.
Special guest: Choral group of Conservatório de Olhão and the writer Fernando Cabrita
Tickets already available at Auditório Municipal of Olhão or reservations through Tel: 289700160

Posted on 07-05-2015

The last álbum "Dia Novo" online in a Dutch / English review on Musicframes

The last álbum "Dia Novo" is already online in a Dutch / English review on Musicframes...have a look

Posted on 25-03-2015

Last album "DIA NOVO" released in Benelux through XANGO MUSIC

The last album "DIA NOVO" is already available in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg through XANGO MAUSIC label.

Posted on 30-01-2015

See here the documentary for ARTE channel "ALGARVE COTE ENCHANTERESSE" with Viviane´s participation.

Posted on 29-12-2011


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